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Parents Lead the way!

The 2023-2024 school year will be unlike any other and we need your help.  Connect with us today to find a volunteer opportunity that works for you. 


We are a collective of parents and teachers united to support our kids, our teachers and our school system. This team exists because you all step up and volunteer.

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The PTO treasurer is the custodian of the parent group's funds. The treasurer helps develop the budget, collects fundraising money, writes checks for purchases and reimbursements, tracks income and spending, makes financial reports, and organizes the books for annual audit.

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Vice President

As vice president, you will play a role in day-to-day operations of the PTO, help formulate the group's long-range plan, work out issues as they arise, and participate in executive board discussions and decision making.

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The PTO President schedules, serves as the moderator and runs the meetings. She also sets the agenda for each meeting. The President and ensures the meetings run smoothly, on time and also creates the actual agenda for printing.

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Parent Member

Parent Members are how we exist! Join us using the red "Join Our PTO" section and volunteer!

We have lots of opportunities for you to volunteer and share your ideas and talents.  We will publish these continuing opportunities throughout the school year.  Please check back periodically.   


Also, please feel free to submit ideas to us at!

Thanks for submitting!

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